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NIMN Disciplinary Tribunal holds its inaugural meeting

By Felicia Nwosu


The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, NIMN, has held its first Disciplinary Tribunal meeting 11 months after its inauguration in 2021. The Disciplinary Tribunal was set up with the aim to build a strong and highly professional marketing institute founded on the pillars of law and order. The essence of the inaugural meeting was for the Tribunal to have interaction with the Assessor, while he gives direction, guidance and advice to the Tribunal members on the legal procedures required in the discharge of their duty as the disciplinary panel set up by the institute. The meeting was held at the Institute’s Secretariat, at Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja, GRA.

Attendees present at the Disciplinary Tribunal meeting include: Mr. Sidney Ogodo, Registrar, NIMN; Dr. Ify Uriah, Chairman of the Tribunal; Mrs. Evelyn Nwosu, Member of the Tribunal; Mr. Chidi Nwankpa, member; Prof. Michael Ikupolati, member; Mr. Debo Adebayo, member; Barrister Augustin Kalu, Assessor.

Speaking with MARKETING EDGE in an interview, the Registrar of the historic institute, Sidney Ogodo, said the Tribunal could not act on their responsibility for the past 11 months due to the systemic process required in nominating and appointing the Assessor. Mr. Ogodo revealed that the Assessor was appointed by the Council on the nomination of the Attorney-general of the Federation.

The National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria Disciplinary Tribunal and the constitutional of the tribunal requires that there should be an Assessor, that will give legal advice to the tribunal, the essence of the inaugural meeting is for members of the tribunal to listen to the Assessor on the procedures of how they are going to work, for them to understand how to go about their responsibility as members of the tribunal, the legal perspective on how they will discharge their duty

The Registrar noted that the tribunal panel has not recorded any misdemeanor about any member of the institute. He explained that it would have been impossible for the panel to act on the matter without the presence of the Assessor.

The essence of the Assessor is to ensure full transparency in the whole process; he provides legal advice to both the tribunal and even to the respondent, so that at the end of the day, all parties will believe that there was a fair hearing. If there were pending cases, there was no way the tribunal could have handled it except there was an Assessor, so there is a procedure.

For the chairman of the Disciplinary Tribunal, Dr. Ify Uriah, who was elated for the approval and appointment of the Assessor, which he said has brought some respite and a push for the panel to kick start with its disciplinary tribunal responsibility, once the Investigating panel gives them the signal to act on any case. The Disciplinary Tribunal Chairman also narrated some of the reasons why there was a hiatus from 7th May 2021 till now while stating the roles of the Assessor.

The Institute has to write to the Federal Ministry of Justices that is the Attorney General of the Federation and minister of justices to nominate an assessor. It was 1st April that the Council met and appointed the Assessor and a formal letter was sent to him. We needed him to be in our meeting to give us guidelines, after today’s meeting, it will become a continuous process. He is here to guide and direct the tribunal by ensuring that they carry out their duty according to the law and NIMN Act. Now that we have an Assessor, any issue brought before the tribunal can now be looked into.

The Assessor, Barrister Augustin Kalu, Assistant Director, Federal Ministry of Justices, reiterated his commitment in ensuring that the rule of law is strictly adhered and fairness given to all involved.

My role as an Assessor is like that of a Quasi- Power. My role as an Assessor will be to guide the tribunal in terms of law, advise them on the procedure, observance of the fair hearing as enshrined in our constitution and also in the Act establishing NIMN and other legal matters that they may need. I will also assist the tribunal to ensure that all known legal rules are observed. We will be handling issues of disciplinary matters , in other words, those marketers who will be found wanting in their performances and in the discharge of their functions will be brought to the tribunal to see if those people are really fit and proper to continue practicing marketing.


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